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Your Brain Health Matters

Recognize why your personal brain health matters and be able to identify your brain health risks in this high-energy, interactive, introduction to brain wellness talk.

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Your Memory Matters: 
Tips for a Sharp Mind

Gain an understanding of the basic aspects of memory and leave this introductory talk with simple strategies you can use in your daily life to set your memory health up for success.

Brain Fitness: 
An Interactive Brain Aerobics Class

Engage your brain in this fast-paced, mind aerobics class designed to rev up various aspects of your brain while promoting lifelong learning. Leave this course with the understanding of the three fundamentals needed to make an exercise an appropriate "brain workout".

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Mind Spa: An Experiential Wellness Retreat for Your Brain & Body

Immerse yourself in a class designed to teach you the basics of stress and its impact on the mind and body. Leave the course with a research-based "memory exercise" tool to combat stress for your everyday life.



What My Program Attendees Have to Say

Dr. Culler's conversational approach was appreciated.  She did not try to impress us with her academia.  Her fluency in moving from one category to another kept our interest. Excellent presentation!

Your Brain Health Matters

Krystal is a seasoned, professional, and well-spoken presenter. The information she provided was enlightening, helpful and understandable- provided lots of food for thought. Good information bringing brain health to mind
(no pun intended).

Mind Spa 

Excellent presentation by an excellent speaker! The information was very appropriate for this point in my life and was very helpful.

Brain Fitness: An Interactive Brain Aerobics Program


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Brain Health Matters: Neuroplasticity, Lifestyle, & Dementia

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Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease:
A Global Challenge or Opportunity?

Optimize Your Brain Health for Success in the Workplace

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Women's Brain Health:
Timely Insights & Advancements



What My Program Attendees Have to Say

I have always been committed to helping my clients thrive and reach their educational and training goals.
Every unique client is important to me and it is my pleasure to share some of their program reviews with you.

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"Krystal is one of our most engaging CE presenters at Cleveland State University. Her topics are timely, her content is backed with current, evidence-based research, and her personality brings the participants into the dialogue and encourages their connection with the content. She often follows up with the participants after the program to address additional questions and further their learning experience, which is one of the many ways she goes above and beyond as a CE presenter. I highly recommend Krystal as an adult educator and content expert in her field. She is consistently professional and polished, and a joy to work within my role as the CE program coordinator at Cleveland State University."

Noelle Muscatello
CEU Program Coordinator

I really appreciate the citations/references at the end of the PowerPoint. She was enthusiastic, well-organized, has a good combination of videos and academic material. Thank you for the collateral material- it is easier to refer back to it later.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease:
A Global Challenge or Opportunity?

CEU Program Attendee

Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH